What is the Best Diet?

The Best Diet

The 4 Criteria Needed to Create the Perfect Diet

Think of these criteria as ingredients in a recipe. You’re trying to craft the perfect diet using the ingredients we’ll talk about below.

Some of them are staples, meaning they MUST be a part of your (or any) perfect diet or else it just won’t work. The others are necessary, but allow for some flexibility in their implementation.

The 4 main criteria are:


Or at least long term.

Any diet that you are going to undertake necessarily has to be something that you can stick to for the long run. If not, you’ll end up losing weight while undertaking a new diet and then put it back on again once you stop.

This wastes time, energy and a is big source of frustration and defeat.

The trick here is to once again make slow changes and adapt to them gradually. You can start by keeping the same diet you currently follow, junk food and all, and make just one change.

For example, you might decide to have a carb free breakfast from now on and so you make the adjustment, and continue tinkering with it until you are happy with your breakfast. Then you ask yourself, “Does this breakfast work for me? Can I do this on a permanent basis?”

If the answer is yes, then you are on your way. You have successfully made a (permanent) change in the right direction, and now your diet is just as satisfying as it was before, except a little healthier.

The next thing to do is to look at your diet once more and see what you can do to repeat the process once again. The key is to make sure that you make small changes so that they stick, rather than endure the shock of taking drastic action that’s bound to fail like so many people do.


Kale and bland chicken breast might look good to your nutritionist and Pinterest followers, but sitting down to eat that everyday is more of a chore than a meal to really dig into, which I’m sure even the aforementioned would agree with (in secret of course).

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be taken to the extreme to get the health benefits we all want from it.

People who eat that kale and chicken thing everyday have the same anatomical insides as those who eat meat, rice, cheese, fruit and the occasional cheat meal. If your blood pressure is 120/80 and you decide to be better than everyone else by going extreme and doing that kale/chicken thing then you really won’t be accomplishing much. Aside from letting your friends know that they will now have to annoyingly go through the trouble of preparing something special just for you when they have dinner parties, it won’t really move the needle on that blood pressure cuff.

Eat and enjoy. Just make sure they are the right foods … mostly (like this Keto grilled cheese).

Healthy Cheat Meal, Keto Grill Cheese


You knew this was coming. Another reference to insulin.

One of the (if not THE) most important criteria for a healthy diet is to eat foods that don’t spike your insulin, or keep it elevated for too long.

This doesn’t mean eating an all Keto diet so that your insulin stays flat 24/7, but it does mean being choosy with the foods you decide will be a part of your life from now on.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have carbs either. Lots of people are able to regulate their insulin well enough while on a diet consisting mostly of carbohydrates. They key for them is to make sure that:

  • The carbs are of a good quality like whole oats, grainy breads, lentils, apples, berries etc. These foods tend to raise insulin levels moderately compared to most other carbohydrates.
  • The quantity of carbs is low to moderate at each meal. In addition to eating quality carbs, making sure you don’t eat too much of them at any one meal is also important. Eating the BEST carb in the world won’t help your waistline much if you’re shoveling it down every meal.
  • They exercise a lot too. Exercise, especially high intensity exercise, is a good way to keep your insulin levels low, AND keep insulin resistance at bay.

The best way to keep insulin down as we all know is to keep carbs to a minimum. It’s not always easy since they are what we crave the most which is why the last ingredient needed for success in our best diet recipe is:



Enjoy your Food

The one thing that’s going to keep you walking the straight and narrow with your diet is making sure you are satisfied.

Heck, more than satisfied, you should be looking forward to your meals, even the non-cheat meals, especially the non-cheat meals as they make up the greater part of your diet and of your time spent eating, and will for the rest of your life.

Put time and effort into making your diet clean and healthy, and then put MORE effort into making it tasty and enjoyable. If you are looking forward to your meals then your diet no longer becomes something that requires effort and willpower to plow through.

The deliciousness of what you are about to each at each meal will provide all of the motivation and energy you’ll need to keep the diet going that it will seem easy.

And when something’s easy and fun then you don’t need to worry about things like fortitude and discipline since your new diet won’t require any.

A recipe for success.

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