The Lion Diet | In a few Words

Carnivore Diet of Meat and Water

The Lion Diet

Meat and water.

The Lion Diet is a diet that was created by Mikhaila Peterson who found that it helped her heal from a bunch of medical conditions including arthritis, depression, skin issues and more.

It is an extreme form of the Carnivore Diet which is mostly meat but includes eggs and certain dairy (heavy cream, hard cheese and butter) products.

The Carnivore Diet is a strict form of a Ketogenic diet which allows for more non-carb foods.


Most diets are adopted so people can lose weight with the most popular being low-carb or keto-like diets.

The more stringent ones, like the Carnivore diet, are taken on for weight loss and for improving general health.

Finally, the most extreme diets like the Lion Diet are usually found and adopted as the result of an elimination diet. They are generally selected due to persistent and plaguing medical issues.


The best thing for any individual to do is to educate themselves on the different diets, match what they learned with what their goals are and try one out.

The purpose of this post was just to give you a basic idea of what the lion diet is and how it compares to the others that are gaining momentum nowadays.

It was also an excuse to post a real cool picture of a lion!

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