Does Eating Breakfast help you Lose Weight?

Does Eating Breakfast Help with Weight Loss

Breakfast to Lose Weight

Does Breakfast Aide in our Weight Loss Efforts ?

Diet Question


Can it be that eating a meal in the morning is the key to weight loss? And that skipping that meal actually contributes to making us fat? That there’s something mystical about this early meal and how our bodies react to it in a way that it reacts to no other?

The breakfast foods industry would like you to think so. In fact it’s been brainwashing us all for over 100 years.

Diet Analysis


There are many theories behind this claim. One of them is that it jump starts your metabolism after your many hours of sleep overnight. Sleep and rest slow it down. The image often given with this claim is one where your metabolism is in hibernation mode, and then after eating a stack of pancakes it’s suddenly revving like the engine of a Formula One race car. Burning up and tearing through calories like a machine possessed.

Another claim is that by prioritizing breakfast and making it a bigger, more important meal, you then have the rest of the day to burn it off. During the day you are active somewhat and so it will have less of a chance to be stored as fat. The reasoning here is that if you eat at night it all goes to fat because at night time our metabolism is likely busy watching Netflix and can’t be bothered to process it properly.

Still another is that it’s important to eat breakfast because if you were to skip it your metabolism would stay low until you ate again. This assumes that the only way to get your metabolism going is to eat, and specifically breakfast.

So if you skip breakfast you may as well skip the gym too. Unfortunate really.

Diet Conclusion


How enticing an idea. We need to eat more food to lose weight, especially our favorite foods that have lots of carbs and sugar in them like french toast and muffins etc. Easy for anyone to accept.

Do you ever notice what a “nutritious breakfast” looks like on TV? It’s a table with a giant pitcher of milk on it, a giant pitcher of orange juice, two pieces of white toast and butter, store bought cereal and some jam??? (BTW, who leaves a full pitcher of milk out for an hour everyday?)

We’ve seen that image so many times now it’s burned into our minds as the “healthy breakfast.” Everything on that table is either full of sugar or low quality carbs, except the milk. Watch cartoons and most characters are having something like waffles and syrup which is basically a dessert.

The idea of breakfast being important started off with Kellogg’s and Post telling us so because they wanted to sell us their cereal. 100 years later and we are only now waking up to see what the Matrix really is.

The red pill (which everyone hates because it’s associated with truth/pain) tells us that while eating does increase our metabolism it’s not enough to really affect our weight gain or loss.

BTW, the factors involved in losing weight can be found here.

So, breakfast it turns out doesn’t do much to help us slim down.

Breakfast buffets however can be an important tool to help you lose weight. After a Sunday morning of overeating and stomach pain you get that same “never again” resolve you end up with when you drink too much. This leads you to eat very little over the next few days. Think about it!

I’m just saying.

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