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How to Post

To share your emotional experiences, eating experience(s) and/or tips, all you have to do is type it up and send it on over via email (below) and it will be posted on the blog‘s front page.

Send along a Pic

You don’t need to show your face … Please send along a picture with a sign that reads, “” It can be just the handwritten sign beside an item you hold or a place that’s meaningful to you with you in it, with or without your face, like Pam did here. You can see more examples in the Reader’s Submissions section.

What to Share

Anything goes really and it can be as long or as short as you like. Anything related to emotional eating whether it be just the emotional struggle, the eating or tips (what’s worked for you).

Again, see thee examples in the Reader’s Submissions section.

Emotional Eating Submit

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Submit Your Emotional Eating Post
To submit your story, simply type it up and Click here to EMAIL it in, (eatingloveguide AT, or, you can type it up and submit it via the contact page.

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Questions? Simply send me an email using the above address or via the contact page.

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