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The prime belief is that almost ALL weight problems are emotional eating problems first and foremost.

This website will explore the 2 main themes that are important in resolving emotional eating: psychology and diet management.

The aim with regards to the psychological material on this site is to increase awareness.

The aim with regards to the diet management material on this site is to lose weight and get it under control.

To succeed, all you need is an interest in doing so. That and a little bit of learning about how weight and insulin are related, which you can read about here.

Two Parts to the Website

EatingLove.org has 2 main areas.

One is the guide, which gives the reader a good primer on emotional eating and weight loss. It’s recommended that you start there.

The second is the blog, which will be comprised of posts that will continue to discuss diet management and your psychology. An additional category will allow user-submitted experiences, cheat meal fun and tips. All new updates will be posted on the blog, as it becomes the main page after you have read the guide.

Comments, criticisms and feedback are always welcome.

For any inquiries, I can be contacted here.

Thanks for reading.

Here’s to constant and never ending growth.