Ketogenic Diet in Simple Terms


The Ketogenic Diet

In short; the Ketogenic Diet is basically a low carb diet. What sets it apart from the other low carbs ones like The Atkins and Paleo diets is it’s strong focus on keeping your carbs VERY low so that your body is forced to burn FAT instead of carbohydrate as energy.

That is the KEY to the Ketogenic Diet.


When there are no carbs to use (your body’s first energy source choice), your body will use fat as fuel. It then breaks down the large fat molecules into smaller ones called “ketones“, hence the name of the diet. The ketones are then used in place of sugars (glucose) to give your body and brain the energy it needs.

This diet was originally created to help children with epiliepsy. Those who adopted the Ketogenic Diet had, in general, fewer epileptic seizures. You can read about the history and medical uses of the diet HERE.

Fast forward 50+ years and people started getting into low carb diets to lose weight. Since the Ketogenic diet was one of them, people’s attention was turned towards it as a potential, new weight loss diet.


It’s effectiveness in my opinion is about the same as all the other low, or no carb diets that are around now-a-days as they are much more similar than different.


Keto just has a fancy and marketable name that brings novelty to the weight loss industry.

Keto = Zero Carbs
Atkins = Less than 40 grams of carbs per day (which is low)
Paleo = No set limit but advocates lower carbs (less than 20%)

It’s also worth noting that most Keto diets that are being promoted nowadays online are actually low carb diets, as eating zero carbs means you’d eat nothing but meat, bacon and cream all day. Not appealing to most people.

So that’s pretty much it as far as a simple explanation goes. Meet the new low carb diet, same as the old low carb diet.

Low carb diets work. And they improve your health too.

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