How to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight Loss Organically

How to Lose Weight Naturally

Here are the different meanings people attribute to losing weight naturally:

Without Pills, Surgery or Gimmicks

For some people the natural part of weight loss means not having any external influence on how they choose to lose weight. They believe that if you have to take certain pills, supplements or go under the knife then that’s not “natural.”

That it’s not something that people would normally do in their lives and so in essence they are correct about those methods being artificial. Other artificial examples include spending lots of time in hot saunas, buying any kind of made-for-tv super weight loss machine, or even using gimmicks like special fat loss magnets etc.

All of those things are not natural in the sense that they are not something we need and are usually not that good for us. At best they waste our money and time and at worst they can make us ill.

Eating Natural Foods and using Natural Supplements

The people in this group are attracted to the allure of nature and are looking for pure substances from the earth to take into their bodies, make them healthy and help them lose weight.

The foods most in demand here are:

Apple Cider Vinegar – Thought to help manage blood sugar.
Green Tea – Metabolism boost due to caffeine.
Lemon And Honey – Lemon is good for you but won’t help you lose weight. Honey is just sugar.
Acai Berries – Diet scam from 10 years ago.
Kale – Super healthy food.
Cranberry Juice – Thought to help with metabolism again.
Leeks – Same as above,
Cinnamon – Thought to help diabetics with blood sugar regulation. Untrue.
Chia seeds – Healthy but again that’s it.

… and you get the idea.

All of those substances are somewhat healthy for you and are considered natural and are encouraged as part of a good diet. But they don’t do much for weight loss unfortunately.

The Middle Way

Finally, you have the group that wants to lose weight with the basics of a good and healthy diet.

They want to steer clear of fads like the Subway Diet or the famous 1980s grapefruit diet where you only eat grapefruit and starve yourself thin.

I would say that those diets are not naturally sustainable.

They also want to steer clear of technology gadgets and apps that record every step, calorie, minute of sleep and missed gatherings with your in-laws. Some things we just don’t need to have recorded.

Natural in this case means how do I adjust my diet in a moderate way that will allow me to lose weight while being as pain free, or better yet as pleasurable as possible?

To this I always recommend the pillars of weight loss.

The Natural Way

Here are a few different methods to lose weight naturally.

1- Eat less carbs and more protein and vegetables. This one change right here is powerful enough to change your metabolism to such a degree that your body burns primarily fats over carbs for energy. Eat less rice, pasta and bread and more fish, eggs, cheese and salads.

2- Drop sugar. This will do what #1 does above, help you lower your insulin which is equated with fat loss again. See the article here for an explanation.

3- Adopt a Mediterranean or Paleo type diet. Those are the best moderate diets out there and very healthy for you too.


Losing weight naturally depends on what you mean by natural. The natural ways advocated above are both proven and healthy methods of losing weight. They are safe and able to be utilized long term.

They are also enjoyable and filling and can be a part of your eating routine with a few simple adjustments to how you normally eat.

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