Low Carbohydrate Diet is best for Emotional Eaters

Pancakes that are Keto for Emotional Eaters

Low Carb Diet

These pancakes are made with almond flour and considered very low carb. The best type of diet to take on if you are an emotional eater.

Why for Emotional Eaters?

If we know that the way to correct or cure emotional eating (EE) is by going to the root cause, the emotions, why would the type of diet be of any consideration? Why not just focus on the issues behind the eating problem since that is what will end the behavior ultimately?

Well, because it takes a long time.

It’s true that the most important focus should be on the emotions and it’s best to spend as much of your time and energy there, but it’s a process that takes a lot of time.

Something has to be done immediately to address the health and weight aspects as they tend to get worse the longer they are allowed to go on. Plus, nobody wants to wait years being unhealthy or overweight, nor should they.

So, a change in diet is needed. But, comfort eaters can’t help themselves so how would this work.

Accept that Point

I know everyone’s tired of hearing that word but I don’t mean acceptance in the way an after school special would tell a teenage girl to completely ignore her weight problem and just accept how amazing she is. That doesn’t help anyone.

I mean accept the fact that your emotions are in charge and they will win most of the time, or almost ALL of the time.

Understanding and accepting that allows you to feel better by first not trying to struggle against it anymore, a stressful and tiring process. And second to not beat yourself up every time you do indulge in food that you know you shouldn’t.

You realize that it’s pointless to fight against your feelings and so you stop and see what you can do about it instead.

What to do – No Willpower Needed

What you do is tell yourself that you are going to overeat for a long time to come, but that you have to find a way to manage it while not sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

You need to enjoy your food and enjoy lots of it at times with EE because that monster which is your unregulated anxiety asks, no demands that. And he usually gets what he wants. So you have to satisfy him.

And, you need to make sure your food is healthier than it used to be, again while still “hitting the spot” and making you feel good so to speak. The problem is that usually when we make food healthier it means that we also remove the pleasure and soothing that comes with it.

In other words, it doesn’t calm you down and help make you feel grounded.

So, we have to get creative and find a way to make sure that you modify your diet in a way to get both of those criteria met.

Tasty keto Brownies to Lose Weight

Diet Desserts for Weight Loss

Enter the Low Carbohydrate Diet with lots of Carb-Like Foods

Keto seems to be the biggest trending diet online right now but people use the term loosely. A Ketogenic diet is pretty strict in the purest sense but what most people really mean is a diet low in carbs.

Many Keto recipe sites are being made that show you ways of making almost anything you used to enjoy that was carb rich into the Keto counterpart. Pancakes, breads of all kinds, pasts, rice, chocolate cake, brownies you name it. It’s all there and all tasty too.

Of course they are not exactly like eating the real thing but they are pretty damn good. Once people try these recipes they feel a sense of excitement because they feel they can stick to a diet like that. They know they don’t have to use willpower or be deprived of anything and that gives them a pain free solution.

Eating a low carb diet is beneficial because it helps you regulate your insulin which helps you lose weight and improve your health overall. Even if you eat A LOT of low carb foods you’ll still experience the benefits of some weight loss and a happier doctor when you visit next. As long as you stay on it consistently that is.

Accept and make the Change

The first step is to see your EE for what it is and accept it. The next is to switch to a low carb diet and set yourself up with enough recipes and meals ideas that will allow you to stick to it.

Only then can you turn your attention to your emotions and finally solve the issue.

Happy Eating.

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