Lose Weight Eating Subway?

Can you Diet using Subway Sandwiches?

Lose Weight Eating Subway

Can we Lose Weight Eating Subway?

Diet Question


Can it be possible for us to watch a TV commercial of someone achieving weight loss success, and become inspired to do the same thing? To see a man who is very much “like us,” an ordinary person who just randomly decided to try a diet where his food came from a large fast food chain?

Someone who had no intention whatsoever to gain any sort of fame or economic benefit from this diet, but rather just thought, “Hey, that fast food chain looks healthy, I think I’ll try losing weight to their subs.”

I’d say yes, it is possible. Because now we think of Subway as healthier than other joints and link it to the guy who lost a lot of weight, Jared.

Diet Analysis


Jared was obese and decided he wanted to lose weight. So for some odd reason instead of buying healthy food from the grocery store, he decided he was going to get all his meals from Subway restaurants. Of course, because that’s what people do when they decide to lose weight.

So everyday he went down to his local Subway restaurant and ordered one of their subs. He made sure it was “healthy” by not adding in any high fat condiments like mayo. Apparently this was to keep away the bad food and only eat the good. The good being lots of white, flour-based bread, cold cuts and … well never mind, just go with it.

At the end of his diet he lost a whopping 200+ pounds and Subway used him for their advertising campaigns which did help brand them as “the” healthy alternative to other fast food joints. Their sales also increased dramatically and Jared became famous.

Oh, he also ate substantially less food than he usually did and started to exercise daily, which I’m sure played no part in his weight loss success at all. Yeah … none. It’s those healthy subs obviously.

Diet Conclusion


It would be nice if we could eat fast food three times per day and lose weight. That’s the dream and in some cases you can but would that be sustainable? Even if you did eat junk and lose weight, what about the consequences to your health?

It’s ironic that subway is seen as the healthier food chain because the sides they sell for their subs are cookies, chips and soda. Some of the worst things for our health and weight. But sticking strictly to the subs, I would say they are equivalent to eating a double cheeseburger (from a place that uses mostly real meat.) In both cases it’s mainly protein and bread, with the double cheeseburger having the slight edge with a better ratio of protein to bread.

Jared lost weight primarily because he ate so much less than he used to, not because Subway is the Weight Watchers of fast food. The subs are mostly bread with a bit of meat thrown in there.

Most people never really wanted to copy his diet but wanted to use his success as an excuse to eat fast food and tell themselves it was healthy. They allowed themselves to believe in the message so they could indulge in food they liked.

If we stop kidding ourselves we could focus on the true mechanism behind how we lose weight, which can be found here.

BTW, their $5 foot longs are a good deal on nights when you don’t feel like cooking.

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