Can I Lose Weight Eating Carbs?

Weight Loss is possible with Pasta

Lose Weight Eating Carbs


Here are 3 different ways to eat carbs and still lose weight:

1-Eat most of them at One Time

This is kind of like intermittent fasting but only for the carbs. So what you would do is you’d eat other foods that don’t have carbs, or very little carbs in them like cheese, eggs, bacon, vegetables etc., anytime you want.

You’d the eat your carbs in one sitting at a certain time of day of your choosing. For example you could choose to eat pancakes for breakfast and then have a lunch and dinner that are carb-free.

Or you could do the reverse and have eggs and bacon for breakfast, cheese and a chicken salad for lunch and then a large bowl of pasta for dinner.

By having your carbs confined to such a small period of the day you’re ensuring that your insulin levels only spike for a small part of the 24 hour day. Keeping insulin low for most of the day is key to losing weight.

That’s why Keto type diets work well. Without carbs insulin is always low. But it’s good enough if insulin is mostly low, at least in the beginning and middle phases of your weight loss journey.

2-Intermittent Fast – or – Eat Less

Nobody likes to have to eat less to lose weight. The thought of going months on end depriving yourself is the beginning of the end of your diet. Starting a diet off with an emotion called despair is a sure way to fail.

But, you can eat carbs all day longĀ  if you just eat less overall. Think of the Twinkie Diet guy. But yeah, nobody wants this.

Another way to eat carbs is to intermittent fast. That basically means skipping breakfast, lunch or both.

The idea here again is to keep your insulin low throughout most of the day by not eating. So if you skipped breakfast you’d be food-free for about 18 hours of the day. If you skipped both meals and only had dinner you’d be food-free for 23 hours of the day.

If you decide to try intermittent fasting I’d suggest you start with skipping just breakfast to start off. Once you’ve lost some weight and then plateaued somewhat you can try upping it to skipping both. It can be difficult skipping breakfast at first but people quickly adjust and find it’s not that big a deal once they get used to it.

If you only skip breakfast then you’d have to spread out the amount of carbs you’re planning to eat over 2 meals. So a smaller lunch and a moderate dinner.

But, if you only eat 1 meal at dinner you can have a large serving of pasta, rice, potato or bread and really enjoy yourself, guilt free and feeling good.

Pizza Cheat Meal for Emotional Eaters

Pizza Cheat Meal

3-Cheat Day, The ultimate Carb Fantasy

Having a cheat day once a week is again like intermittent fasting but doing so with your days of the week instead of with your meals throughout the day.

You’d eat low or no carb for 6 days and then enjoy a carb fest on the 7th.

The aim here again is to keep your insulin low and it would be so for 6 days. Then on the 7th, like God, you take a rest from your discipline, good eating and efforts. Your insulin would spike that day but it would have 6 whole days of being at a healthy level.

If you usually eat 3 meals a day then you could have small to moderate amounts (including dessert) on cheat day.

If you intermittent fast then you could enjoy a carbohydrate feast over 1 or 2 meals and really get that feeling of satisfaction that comes with eating a bit too much comfort food. It also makes you glow.

At that point you know you over did it but man was it worth it. The cheat day also has the added function of making you more than ready to be good with your diet for the upcoming week.

Like a hangover, you feel your overeating the next day and so that pushes you to be good, while the promise of more cheat food in 7 days pulls you in the same manner. That push pull effect keeps you on track for the week.


And who doesn’t? You now have 3 different ways to enjoy them and still lose body fat. Pick one way that you think will work best for you and start experimenting with it, tweaking it as needed.

Just remember the golden rule when it comes to dieting. It has to be enjoyable and satisfying if it’s going to be effective and long lasting.

Here’s to living, and not just existing.

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