The Sanity Diet

Diet that is Easy to Maintain

The Sanity Diet

Master and slave


I’m creating a new diet called The Sanity Diet. It’s actually more of a modification to existing diets but humor me if you will.

In the pursuit of perfection and body purity we’re seeing people go to extremes with their eating, not wanting even a micro gram of a nutrient that does not belong to the diet, to enter their body.

It’s not all bad. We’re seeing discipline like never before as scores of people are eating for the better and vastly improving their health and weight. Good stuff.

I’m not here to criticize, or if I am maybe just a “tad,” as I like where this trend is going, but I’d suggest a slight modification, a flake of sanity to go along with the hyper dedication. I’m suggesting it would be good for us to ease off a bit and have a slice of pie once in awhile.


For those unfamiliar with that term, it basically means your body is burning 100% fat all the time which is a good thing and a difficult state to get into. If you ate any carbs, especially something like pie, you’d be “out of ketosis” and you’ll have to be ultra strict again and wait to get back into it.

I completely get it and am not suggesting that people give up the “quest.” It has many benefits.

What I’m saying is that I’m not sure how likely it is for someone to stick to a pure, ketogenic diet over the long run. And we know from the last blog post that diet longevity is a key pillar to sticking to a diet and being successful in a broad sense.

First off there aren’t that many foods you can eat and second, checking your urine every hour doesn’t do a whole lot to boost your social currency when trying to get a date. Just saying.


Like the man in the chains above, ultra successful and the pinnacle of fitness. Yet bogged down or chained to a relentless boss, his drive for exactness and precision to his diet.

How much joy can you really experience under those conditions? Sure you’ll absolutely love the results, but at what price?

Always “on.” Always thinking about what you can never have. Careful to never swallow a carb or ounce of fat depending on what diet you’re on. And the worst part of all has to be the social engagements. Millennials aside, we are social creatures and a big part of getting together is eating delicious food with one another and enjoying it together. We forge strong bonds this way and gain a sense of connection and community when we gather.

Now I admit we can still get those same social benefits without eating the exact same foods as everyone else at the gathering, but, I warn you, be prepared to face the wrath of which ever ethnic grandmother cooked all that amazing food. She won’t be so easy on you.


Enjoying the diet you are on rather than enduring it

Enjoying her Diet and Life

The sanity diet congratulates you on your efforts with your diet and urges you to keep going strong.

The sanity diet is happy for your success and wants more people to be as dedicated as you are.

The sanity diet also says to remember to enjoy life and to eat cake once in awhile.

On this diet you’re to keep in mind that you’re going to be trying to stay healthy for decades, which is a long, long time (again I’m looking at you millennials). The difference in stress and tension levels between ultra-strict adherence and sanity is enormous. Being good enough with your diet is so much more relaxing and brings increased ease into your day.

By contrast, the difference in your body fat by being either/or above is small or even negligible. If you’re sticking to your diet and have a piece of pie once a week what will that really do to your waistline? What will it do for you psychologically, socially and enjoyment-wise?

A lot.

Know that this isn’t a recommendation to cheat a lot or let loose and go nuts. It’s a way of taking some of the pressure off. Maybe that looks like a dessert once in awhile. Or maybe it means eating some carbs in your day like big salads, veggies and fruit, which have minimal carb amounts but bring with them lots of nutritional benefit. People lose TONS of weight all the time eating carbs that way.

And if you’re not sure, just ask the young tourist pictured above. Sitting at a French cafe, waiting for her pasty to arrive, fully enjoying every part of her vacation. She gets it.

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