I Finally Lost Weight! My Tips

Field where I like to Hike to help with my Weight Loss

I Finally Lost Weight

I finally lost some weight which isn’t easy for an emotional eater.

What worked for me in this regard was getting a step master and placing it in the kitchen. When I’m on my third fruitless round towards the fridge because I feel sort of tense but not really hungry, it’s the first thing I see when I enter. It works much better than food to relieve stress.


Also I really like having a sort of mid-afternoon ritual with coffee in my special pretty cup (it’s actually a ceramic wine goblet, but it has a hollow base which gets so nice and warm from the coffee, plus I really like the rough texture) and one or two squares of 90+% chocolate.

It took a while to not eat it whole (which I once considered impossible), but lately it just became a thing.


a) I always ate the whole chocolate bar because sugar makes my mouth burn on contact and chewing something (like, for example, more chocolate) helps. Low sugar chocolate doesn’t do this and I like it more for this reason.

B) nobody else in my home likes chocolate with content as high as I do and I finally feel secure enough leaving high-value treats around uneaten. I’m also more confident in my boundaries and I know I am respected here – so nobody will mess with my chocolate if I ask them not to.

C), I’m trying to eat sufficiently during mealtimes – embarrassingly often I used to snack or even drink too much beer because I was actually hungry and since I’ve condemned it as a bad behavior anyway, who cares how much of it I do once I start, I’m going to hate myself either way… Allowing a snack actually helped with this particular issue as well.


I have my step master I mentioned that I really enjoy because lately I’ve been having a real urge to run, but I really shouldn’t because both of my weight and a joint issue I was born with. This scratches that itch and it has a huge effect on my mental well-being which helps with my staying on track with my eating.

Since the start of the year I’ve been working up in both the duration and setting, but I’ve overdone it a bit and got really demotivated about three weeks back. Now I’m back doing 20 minutes every morning for about a week. I was trying to do 60 before I quit, but that interfered with other stuff too much and made me too tired to do other stuff I wanted to do, so I just got really discouraged. So tip: make sure you do enough to keep you motivated and no more.


I really enjoy hiking and walking, I have a forest just over the field here (see pic) and I try to go for a bit of a walk at least half of the time, my usual routes are about 60-90 minutes. Sometimes on the weekends we do a proper hike, but my partner has gotten a bit lazy lately. I don’t really like going alone and I want to spend weekends with him anyway because we don’t have as much time for us during the week.

I really enjoy yoga, and do it while watching TV lately instead of eating. I usually follow a daily practice religiously which holds for about two months, then something goes wrong so I miss a few sessions, then I’m not feeling it for a month but then I start again. I think I’ll keep it going this time and suggest you try it.


I’m also planning (for the past 4 months, LOL) to get back into belly dancing. I loved it when I was younger, but I was massively discouraged when I found out I can’t move my body quite like I used to and that I can’t even properly hold a safe posture for dancing.

This was maybe a year ago. Well, lately I’ve been feeling a bit better about my core mainly thanks to the step master and some of the yoga, so it might be time.

Hope this helps someone, the stores on here did help me.



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