Getting Emotional Eating Help Online

Online I found Emotional Support

Emotional Eating Help

First thanks for this site. It was my first really good resource that made me feel more grounded.

I Felt like giving Up

I started out trying new and different diets to see if that would control or cure my overeating. It’s like I knew in the back of my head that it wasn’t going to work, a small voice inside that I brushed away cause, what else was I going to do?

So of course they didn’t work and I spent years looking around to see if anything would. I knew I was an emotional eater but had no clue that anything could be done about that. I thought I had to fix it on the level of my diet and “learn” to eat better.

Trying out new habits and slowing myself down before eating and stuff. Then I came across a post in a forum where one guy talked about being an emotional eater and I lit up, knowing that’s where I had to start to fix my problem.

I looked online and read some interesting articles which helped a bit but it wasn’t until I started talking to others in a forum that I got a better understanding of what I was up against.

One of them led me to this site and I read and read until 2:00am. Each paragraph had me saying, “Yup that’s me … or I do that, or that would help for sure.”

I realized that this wasn’t just a diet thing, that I had to go into my feelings. It did help to talk to that group and we chatted back and forth for hours sometimes. It led me to understand that I needed to process whatever was going on with me and process a lot. Just coping wasn’t enough.

I started reading as much as I could and started talking and talking. I remembered my grandmother for some reason and all of the conversations we used to have. I really miss her and wished she was still here.

I always felt better after spending time with her and put in those 2 crosses in the picture because of her. She gave me the smaller one and she had the larger (now mine) and it was like her version of friendship bracelets.

As of now I’m still with that group, chatting away with our keyboards and feeling a slight change happening. My weight is also under control for the first time in years thanks to some diet modifications and a solid plan.

I don’t know of any official place to get help online for emotional eating but I think it’s mostly about therapy anyway. I could have tried every single diet out there and still had this problem.

My advice to anyone reading would be to just get people to talk to like I did. Find a forum or a group on FB or just make friends with anyone who’s awake and ready to talk, you don’t even have to know them.

Good luck everyone and take it seriously if you want to get better.

– Celine

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