Binging on Junk Food at Certain Hours

Binging as Part of Emotional Eating

So here’s my story. I’m a mom who eats emotionally like everyone else here I guess but OMG I’m glad to have found the guide. Much of it I already knew and some I didn’t and was happy to get some solid tips.

There is a section that talks about tactics (*** see tactic #6 ) and it’s the one that has you look into the different times of the day that you fall off the wagon and tend to binge. THAT was helpful as I found I had a pattern.

I was so relieved and will tell you what it is, but first a little back story (sorry!);

I’ve put on weight due to emotional eating, then was on an SSRI and that made me gain even more. My favorite aunt said I’ve put on weight (nicely) and I was so paranoid and feeling badly about myself. My husband has actually said it would be better if I lost a few pounds. My co-workers have noticed and said so and even some of my friends have made comments.

I go to the gym and stay at least 90 minutes out of sheer paranoia. I like it normally but wasn’t enjoying it with all the extra stress added onto the workout.

My husband isn’t necessarily helping. He’s not mean or anything, just not supportive. He eats desserts everywhere in front of me and leaves things lying around which isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination but I’d call it insensitive.

So I started googling more info and found this site. I was immediately gripped by the idea of patterns which I’ll get back to now.


So I bought a cheap calendar and wrote down the times of day when I binged. After a month I saw that it was mostly between 6:30-7:30 during the week. That’s right after dinner and before the rush of getting the kids homework done and them to bed.

So then I decided to use some of the other tactics on that page and made sure that when I binged that the foods weren’t as bad as ones I would usually binge on so that the damage would be minimal.

And it worked!

I lost some weight over the next several months and while I’m still chubby, especially around the midsection (notice the picture I sent in only shows my top half), I’m glad to sort of have a plan and be in a bit more control.

The sweet drink is my new after dinner staple. I get a huge cup and fill it with diet cola and sip it while I’m cleaning the kitchen and feeling terrible cravings and a desire to eat my entire pantry dry. I also keep a few flavored rice cakes beside it and munch on them too. It’s not as satisfying as what I’d usually like but it holds me over until my craving subsides a bit and I move on to the next task.

So, I still eat emotionally, I still have mega cravings and I am not perfect but I also have a plan of attack for my binging and a better idea about my own eating patterns.

I wanted to say thanks for all this and that I will be back here regularly to read more tips.

P.S. One more thing, you can look me up on Pinterest, just find user “jennifer-eats” to see what I’m up to.

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