Tricks to Stop Eating your Feelings Away

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Tricks and tips to stop eating your feelings away.

Eating your Feelings Away

Food has such a pull on us. It’s as powerful as a drug and harder to control because it’s something we have to take in everyday in order to survive. Other addictive substances, like drugs and alcohol, are not needed so we can cut them out of our lives forever and replace them with something else short term.

The first tip is awareness. I don’t mean awareness like, “I know I have an eating problem and I can understand that rationally.

I mean, “Holy cow! I’m in the kitchen and my body feels this incredibly strong URGE that I can’t fight to open the fridge and find as many carb-heavy foods as possible and eat them right now so that I can feel settled.”

Start with analyzing all of that. What do you need to be settled from? Anxiety, boredom, depression? How do you feel just before eating, during, just after?

What is at your core, pulling you to eat when you are not hungry?

Awareness at THAT level is what’s needed to start digging into your unconscious, the source of your emotional eating, Netflix binging, Youtube distracting, and every other habit you want to change.

That takes time and we don’t want to wait. Who does? So we come up with a plan.

First we manage the emotional eating so it does less harm, then we work on the emotions while still overeating and enjoying ourselves.

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