Emotional Eating Stress Relief

As seen on social media, a post about how to overcome stress, or emotional eating.

See below:

Meme about comfort food and how dessert is stress spelled backwards.

Emotional Eating Stress Relief

This is a more accurate way of representing emotional eating. We eat to soothe our stress or boredom and not because it makes us feel better.

Eating a chocolate cake tastes awesome and feels better in the moment but all it does is distract us from the underlying stress that is already there.

We’d have to eat and eat and eat and the stress would just laugh, asking us if we were “serious?”

“I’m still going to be here when you get to the guilt and shame stage! Take your time.”

But what else can we do? The pain is too much and we’ll do anything to relieve it, even temporarily.

First we manage it so it does less harm, then we work on it.

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