Cheeseburger Cheat Meals for Emotional Eaters

Huge Big Burger with Cheese

Cheeseburger Cheat Meal

Why have some of the most epic looking cheeseburgers on an emotional eating blog? Food that, if you don’t savor, reduces some of life’s overall meaning? Because you only live once. Eat well and enjoy a cheat meal every once in awhile.

Can you eat this entire Burger?

The answer isn’t important, it’s the fact that we try that counts.

Cheeseburger with Grilled Mushrooms

Burger with Swiss Cheese & Mushrooms

The Swiss cheese is a twist on a traditional cheeseburger but what catches your eye in this picture is the sight of those grilled mushrooms that make or break this burger. Stealing the show entirely.

So packed the meat and cheese spill out of the Cheeseburger

A Burger that is Spilling Out

The bun is fighting a losing battle here but hats off for the heroic effort. No bread, or any carb for that matter, can contain a cheeseburger that won’t be ignored.

Cheeseburger with a Different Bun

Burger on a Pretzel Bun

Baked pretzels are really good. But turning one into a bun and then putting cheeseburger filling in between is something everyone has to try just once in their lives.

Burger with Fried Chicken and Cheese

Chicken Cheeseburger

Fried chicken with melted cheese and wedge fries. I know it’s not meat and it almost didn’t qualify for this cheat meal post but that crispy coating and wedge fries looked too good to leave out of this shrine of a cheeseburger page.

Big Burger with Cheese and Bacon

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon! It’s about time I know and I apologize profusely. We made it halfway down the page without even mentioning it which, to cheeseburgers is almost a sin. But hey, that’s the state of competition on this all too important page that world leaders will one day try to rate as which is best.

A burger that's large with cheese and fries

Cheeseburger and Basket of Fries

The burger looks good of course but it’s the side dish that has us all drooling in this one.

White melted cheese on a burger

Burger with American Cheese

This American cheese-ed, cheeseburger is just a mess. The stuff is all over the burger but that’s how we like it isn’t it?

Goey cheeseburger that is tall with Bacon

Triple Cheeseburger

When the cheese is so gooey it drips down the side you have a winner. Your taste buds win, your satisfaction metric wins, and so does your feeling of satiety afterwards. The only loser is your stomach for having to try to digest it all over the next several hours. So worth the pain.

Three separate and small burgers make a trio of taste.

Trio of Cheeseburgers

If you’re not sure what to choose, why not have it all as we like to do here at Three different cheeseburgers covering all of the bases – different types of cheeses and toppings for each.

Having it all is never really the sensible thing to do.

But you’re not really living if your good 100% of the time. When it’s time to be bad, be wicked and don’t look back.

Eat, drink and be merry.

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