Weight Loss and the Sauna?

Can we Lose Weight using the Steam Room

Sauna for Weight Loss

Can we Lose Weight using the Sauna?

Diet Question


Do you think that we could sit in a hot room for an hour everyday and eventually look better? A room that feels hotter than the worst day in summer, is hard to breathe in and gives you a slight glimpse at how it must feel to be in the middle of the desert?

If you hate heat then you’re probably already having a panic attack.

If you like heat then you’re starting to become excited at the possibility.

Diet Analysis


There’s a lot of talk about saunas right now and their many benefits. People use them for general health, for exercise warm-up or recovery, for weight loss and to impress their friends and neighbors.

The theory is that the heat generated by the sauna will increase your body temperature. When your body temperature increases so does your metabolism which means you’re burning more calories (and holes in your wallet as these things cost over $5k.)

So like the previous post on eating breakfast, this sauna/weight loss concept again deals with your metabolism as the variable to be manipulated to lose weight, “If we could just figure out a way to burn more calories in the day.”

And, the answer is it does.

Awesome, where do I sign up?

Diet Conclusion


The sauna is fun, soothing and pleasant to be in, and so wouldn’t that be an awesome way for us to lose weight. No worries about food or exercise or any of that stuff, just unwind in a towel at the end of the day and after 6 weeks people will see a new you beg for your secret.

“But you said it burns calories and speeds up your metabolism?”

I did.

And it does.

Depending on one’s weight and a bunch of other factors, a person is likely to burn approximately 100 calories if they sat in a sauna for an HOUR. They estimate that your metabolism increases to 1.5 times what it normally is while in a sauna. Other studies show that it goes up 6.5 times what it normally is when sitting with your mother-in-law for an hour. Hey weight loss is sometimes painful.

If you believe in the calorie counting method then that means to lose 1 pound of body fat (3600 calories) you would need to spend an hour a day for 36 days in your sauna to lose 1 pound. Maybe.

Thirty-six hours a A LOT of time and you may or may not lose the weight at the end of it all.

There is a better way to think about losing weight without too much time or effort.

The mechanism behind how can be found here.

Saunas are fun and if you doubt this post and still want to try it then by all means go ahead and do so safely (following all of the guidelines from the sauna company and your doctor).

Just be sure to have your in-law on standby in case it doesn’t work.

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