Lose Weight Eating whatever you Want

Lose Weight and Eat all the Foods you Enjoy

Lose Weight Eating whatever you Want

The ultimate dream diet for emotional eaters.

Is it Possible?

Here’s the quick answer. No and yes.

No if you picture a diet where you get to wake up in the morning, see the day ahead of you and put whatever you want, whenever you want it, on your plate all day long.

Yes if you have a structure for your eating and want to indulge in your favorite foods from time to time.

That might sound like a downer for all of those who came here hoping they would find the answer to their dream diet, but stay with me here and you’ll see that perhaps you can come to a compromise between being able to lose weight and really enjoy your food too.

I’ll offer a few scenarios or diet plans below.

***Always consult your doctor before trying any new diet, including the sample diet plans laid out below.

Carb Heaven

Everyone likes carbs. Breads, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, rolls, sandwiches and more. It’s the food group that everyone loves and the one that is, and has been, a large part of our diet for decades.

Unfortunately it’s also the food group that is responsible for making us fat. We used to think that eating fat would make us fat and why not since it sounds logical. In the 1980s we went on a low fat craze and significantly reduced creams, sauces, eggs and oils in our diets so we could be healthy.

We then went nuts eating muffins, grains and pastas “√† volont√©” (i.e. as much as we wanted) believing that we were winning the war on body fat and heart disease. Turns out we were making the problem much worse.

Fat doesn’t make you fat, too many carbs do. But, and here’s the important ‘butt,’ you can structure your carb eating so that they don’t have that weight gain effect.

The trick is to eat all your carbs in one meal and then for your other meals eat high fat/protein food only. The mechanism behind it has to do with controlling your insulin so that it only spikes once per day. Read that previous link on insulin to understand it better.

An example of an eating day like that would be to have eggs for breakfast, a chicken salad for lunch and a large plate of spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Then nothing until the next day and repeat the plan.


Low Carb and No Sugar Desserts

No Carb Dessert

No Carbs but lots of Dessert +

This diet plan has you forgoing carbs which right off the bat makes you think you’ll be eating dry chicken breast and broccoli every day.

Not so fast.

I understand the skepticism but this diet plan won’t be boring I promise. It’s kind of a Paleo, Keto, Atkins, high fat diet which has lots of delicious foods in it. Let’s get right into a sample day before I lose you.

Breakfast foods – Sausages, eggs, cheese and bacon.

Lunch – Chicken with high fat mushroom sauce, chicken Caesar salad with high fat dressing and bacon. Natural peanut butter on low carb bread.

Snack – Cashews, nuts, almonds.

Diner – Ribs, chicken wings, beef patties with melted cheese.

Dessert – Brownies, chocolate cake and cheesecakes. *** All made Keto-style with no to low carb ingredients.

All meals are made with no, or almost no carbs in them.

Now tell me that isn’t so bad. Sure you’re going to miss carbs but you’ll also be looking forward to each and every meal with a menu like that, especially with desserts like cheesecake every single day.

Lose Weight, Eat (almost) Whatever you Want

Many people right now are already on the “eat whatever you want” diet and are overweight because of it. If we could eat whatever we wanted and stay slim then nobody would be fat anywhere. But suppose it was possible though, that we could eat anything and never gain weight, would we want to?

And if so why?

Why would you want to spend that much of your time sitting on the couch and eating? And if you are someone who just wants to eat whatever you want at your 3 meals then why would it be important to eat a lot at every single meal?

It does sound good don’t get me wrong but the question is put to you to see why you would want that every single day. What would food bring you that other things in life couldn’t? What void is being filled with food?

This is something we all struggle with so the question isn’t to make you feel guilty, it’s to increase awareness.

Anyway, enough of what we don’t want to think about and back to the diet part. So yes, you can lose weight and really enjoy your food and eat a lot. Again the reason you can eat these foods has to do with insulin regulation and not calorie counting in case you were wondering why you can eat so much.

If you make a few adjustments and tweak your diet in some of the ways I mentioned above you can wake up every morning looking forward to at least some of your day.

Food is a big part of our lives and if we don’t make it enjoyable then we end up simply suffering through it, which is not a great way to live.

Eat, drink and be merry.

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