How to Lose Weight Eating Junk Food

Eating Candy and Fries to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight Eating Junk Food

If you are an emotional eater and you love your desserts and junk, there is a way to lose weight while eating your favorites.

The Unhealthy Way

Remember that university professor years ago that tried what he called the Twinkie Diet? His daily food intake consisted of eating a Twinkie cake every couple of hours (so maybe 3-6 in a day) and then at the end of the day he’d have a protein shake with vitamins to make sure his body had the essential nutrients it needed.

It spread widely on the internet and on the news as the professor who lost 27 lbs in 10 weeks on a junk food diet. His trick was to eat less than he consumed and so he reportedly ate 1800 calories instead of the 2100 that most adult men need.

At the time it was looked upon as a HUGE victory for the calorie counting camp who believe that weight loss is about one thing only; taking in fewer calories than you burn.

It’s a simple and therefore satisfying belief to hold. But like many things in life weight loss is more complex involving many variables.

Calorie reduction is one of them but it’s just one of many. In the professor’s case we know he was overweight and probably ate much more than 2100 calories per day, so to go from what he consumed before down to 2100 is not just eating less, it’s likely eating a lot less.

He also ate small meals having only a Twinkie for breakfast for example, so the amount of food he ate per period of time was also small – think intermittent fasting. So you can see that there’s more to it than just calories in – calories out = weight.

So yes, you too can lose weight eating junk food in this way. All you have to do is significantly reduce your calorie intake by 33% or more, eat less than you burn in a day and don’t eat too much at any one time and voila, instant weight loss.

No healthy food at all. Just sugar, flour and salt all day long. Of course this is not recommended and you’d be asking for many other health problems if you tried something like this but it can be done.

By the way, it was rumored that this professor was paid by Coca Cola to undertake his scientific, dietary “experiment.”

Sugar Free Cookies made with Almond Flour

Healthy Junk Food

The Healthy Way

So how do you lose weight and still enjoy junk food? Well, like we’ve been saying here at EatingLove, you simply need to make sure your diet meets at least 2 of the three parameters that are required for sustained and healthy weight loss, most of the time.

For example, you can eat 5 snack sized meals throughout the day that total 2/3 of your daily caloric intake and have a small dessert in the evening.

Or, you can eat 3 meals per day everyday, eating the amount you normally would but making sure your carbs are extremely low. This would be a Keto or low carb diet where you eat lots of protein and fat. Then have a nice Keto dessert every night like a piece of cheesecake, chocolate brownie, or the cookie above made with no carbs. Eating this way is effective for weight loss even though you are eating at or above what you normally need in a day.

Another way is to intermittent fast. Skip breakfast, eat a moderate lunch, a larger dinner and have a slice of pie for dessert. Going for longer periods of time without eating (7pm to noon the next day, 17 hours or so) is another effective way to lose weight while still eating what you normally would in a day – meaning you are not cutting calories.

The 3 examples above are considered healthier ways because although you are eating junk food everyday, you’re not eating as much as the Twinkie guy did. This also assumes you eat normal, healthy foods as your main meals. You’re also using some of the 3 parameters mentioned above which enable weight loss which results in improved health overall.

Eat Junk

It’s not a sin to enjoy junk food or even eat it everyday. Many healthy people do. You simply need to do it in a way that ensures you are moving your body in a direction of weight loss, or overall health if you are already at a healthy weight.

Nothing is set in stone. Enjoy life.

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