Lose Weight Eating only Eggs

Losing Weight through Eating only Eggs as a whole Food

Lose Weight Eating Eggs

Eggs are a great diet food to lose weight with, especially for emotional eaters.


If you could only pick one food to eat for your weight loss program then eggs would be the perfect choice.

First off, eggs are a whole food. That means that they are highly nutritious and contain every nutrient, vitamin and mineral and everything else that you would need from food to be healthy. They are high in good fat, protein and in micro nutrients.

So you could live off just eating eggs your entire life and be in perfect health. The only other foods you can really do that with are eggs, meat, fish and whole milk. So right off the bat you have picked a winner of a food here.

Eggs are also tasty and filling. This is very important because if any diet is to succeed then you have to make sure that it’s enjoyable ( or else you won’t stay on it for too long) and that it’s satisfying. If you’re not content you’ll soon be looking to the next fad.


One egg contains half a gram of carbohydrate which is so low that eggs are considered a no carb food. That’s only 2 cal in a total of 77 for the whole egg, as eggs are mostly protein and fat.

This means you can eat almost as many as you want and I say that knowing people won’t be able to eat 5000 cal a day on eggs the way they could with breads, pastas and desserts etc. Perhaps it can be done for a day or two but most people get tired of eating the same food day in and day out and at one point will go back to eating until they’re full.

So you can eat a lot and know that you will be losing weight because your carb intake will be negligible and that’s important because carbohydrates affect your insulin level. The lower your insulin level is over long periods of time, the more your body will burn fat as its main energy source.

This is the main reason why you can lose a good amount of weight and be very successful at that with eating an egg-only diet. It has no carbs. The same can be said of meat and poultry in general but I like eggs better if I had to choose just one food because eggs are tastier due to their higher fat content, and also more nutritious because of their higher vitamin and good fat content (meat does have higher protein.)

Variety is important for Diet and Health with these Eggs as Example

Hard Boiled Eggs


One huge benefit to the egg only diet is that there are so many ways to eat it. Scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, baked and poached to name a few. The biggest problem with one food only diets is that they get boring and repetitive, but with eggs you can cook them in a variety of ways to change up the flavor and feel like you’re eating something different every day.

So to sum up, eggs are great food to lose weight with if you are choosing that food alone. It is a safe food to choose because it is complete nutritionally, it’s a tasty and satisfying food and most importantly it has almost no carbohydrate.

Eating an egg only diet is the same as being on a Ketogenic diet or on the Carnivore diet. Both are incredibly successful at melting away body fat FAST.

The only question is how long can you sustain this for? It’s not realistic to think that people can eat just one food for the rest of their lives and so with this egg-only diet it’s best to have a start and stop time to get you down to the weight you want.

After that you’ll need a new plan to maintain that weight level. A diet that’s a lot more enjoyable and varied that you think you can sustain in the long term.

Here’s to eggs, one of the greatest foods at our disposal.

– BG (guest)

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