How to Diet Pain Free

How to Lose Weight without Suffering

Diet Pain Free

Locking in the Small Gains for a Big Overall Change.

Some people have no trouble making vast changes in their lives. Changing something like their diets completely and becoming accustomed to it with ease. For most of us, big change (especially with our eating) can be difficult and usually ends up being a struggle.


A thousand miles is a long journey I know, and nobody wants to wait that long, especially if it’s to lose weight. Tolerating your current body fat level is hard and so you want to lose everything in 3-6 months like the Hollywood stars.

Losing weight that fast is possible but painful. If you look at their diet and exercise programs you’ll see that they’re working themselves to exhaustion everyday, eating bland food and not much of it either. It’s a shock to their system. They also have trainers to think for them, telling them what to do and when, motivating them, pushing them and monitoring their diets, keeping them accountable. All the while getting paid a lot of money.

And with all of that help it’s still hard for the actors. Even with that structure in place, the rewards, the outsourcing of the planning and thinking and motivation, having it be your job so you have the time etc. it’s tough. Like I said, that’s difficult and painful, and pain makes time go by slowly.

On the other hand when something’s easy, time flies and the process doesn’t seem so bad. That’s why I recommend making small but easy changes to your diet, then lock them in and continue pressing forward. Piece of cake 🙂


Start with breakfast. That’s all. Modify your breakfast for one month and change nothing else in your daily diet, eating what you normally would throughout the rest of the day.

Your breakfast is going to be a no or very low carb meal consisting of eggs. As many as you like and cooked however you want. Remember that you need to feel satisfied and make sure all your diet fundamentals are in place to be successful.

Why eggs? Technically it be any food that has no carbs in it but eggs are flavorful, traditionally a breakfast food and filling. The BBC recently conducted a small breakfast test with three groups of people. One group ate eggs, one a smoothie and one some cereal like oatmeal. The group that ate the eggs were satisfied right up to lunch time. The other 2 felt hungry and distracted all morning (but did have a good time bitching about it). So that’s why eggs, they offer a lot AND make this easy for you.

You can have bacon or sausage with it too. Make the meal as enjoyable as you can and it won’t seem like you’re on a diet, or that you are putting forth any special effort. That’s key.

Once you have your egg breakfast exactly how you like it, make it permanent. Then, after a time, move onto your next diet project. It might be lunch or it might be something else entirely like making your desserts healthier or making sure everything you drink is sugar-free etc. And again, like last time, you’re going to make sure the changes are enjoyable and satisfying to you, and then you’ll make them permanent.

Each change building on the last, solidifying your progress and pressing forward. Rinse and repeat.


You’ll likely lose some with the breakfast modification alone. Each new dietary change you implement will require that your body adapt to it and so its response will be to lose weight. You won’t need to watch the scale or be concerned with counting portions or anything. You’ll be focused on this long term, meta change. Making your food tasty, low carb and extremely satisfying.

Putting the focus on enjoyment will mean you’ll look forward to meals and eating in general instead of dreading “the grind.”

And when you’re in that feeling state, and even though this diet tip may take longer than you’d like to get results, you’ll look back one day and feel that time flew, and it wasn’t so bad.

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