Lose Weight Eating Boiled Eggs

Eggs for Weight Loss

Lose Weight Eating Boiled Eggs

Can you Lose Weight Eating Boiled Eggs?

Diet Question


Imagine taking all of the leftover colored Easter eggs after the holiday is done and using them to lose weight. Is there something about boiled eggs specifically that makes them special in any kind of way? If the Easter bunny has an affinity for them, surely we should too. They must be imbued with some kind of magic which we can use for our benefit.

Honestly though, whoever asked this question must live alone because there’s no way anyone else in their household would tolerate a boring, bland diet such as this. Boiled eggs, all day everyday? He’s gotta be the life of the party in his circles.

Diet Analysis


Believe it or not there are a lot of people online who have claimed to try this diet and who reported losing weight on it. This hard boiled egg diet can really be classified as a Keto or no carb diet so it’s not something that’s uncommon in terms of macro nutrient diets.

What is uncommon is the fact that these people have chosen to eat just one food out of the many available in the 2 diets I just mentioned above. Eggs are fat and protein and that’s about it so if you wanted a diet that had no carbs it in you could eat many other foods besides eggs.

Maybe the idea of eating ONLY eggs sounds pretty cool. Kinda like you’re going hardcore and badass with just one food and so you feel like a soldier or warrior pushing through to a stronger and leaner body.

Or it could be that the person is simply weird.

Eating one food though isn’t uncommon. Remember the grapefruit diet where it was thought that eating that alone was a miracle food? That it somehow changed your metabolism and slimmed you right down because of some properties that only the grapefruit had?

Well people did lose weight but that’s because eating only a few grapefruits everyday lead to something called starvation, not because grapefruits were special, weight loss super foods.

Diet Conclusion


The funny thing is that the answer to this question is “yes.” Normally most radical diets or gimmicks are failures right from the start but if someone chose to try this diet it would actually work. There are enough nutrients in eggs to give you all that you need.

I mean you’d get a lot of funny looks at the grocery store when they see you buying multiple cartons of eggs every week and nothing else. You’d also have to explain your diet to guests who happen to see what’s in your fridge and what’s not in your cupboards. That’s more awkward than someone walking in on you while … well, never mind.

So it could work, you can lose weight on this diet but if you remember the 3 approaches on this blog which layout the conditions for a diet to be successful, you’ll see that it fails the 3rd one. The fact that to be successful the diet has to be able to be sustained long term, and I don’t think anyone can eat only eggs for the rest of their lives.

You can lose weight though and have eggs as a big part of your diet.

The mechanism behind how we lose weight can be found here.

If you want to give this diet a try then great. Just try not to mention it to family, friends, or anyone really if you want to be seen as mostly normal …

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