Can you Pig out and Eat A Lot at Dinner?

Eating a lot at one meal to lose weight

The Large Dinner Diet

Sure you can! And, still lose weight.

When we’re trying to lose weight we think “diet” and as soon as that thought enters our mind so does all of that word’s baggage. I’m talking about pain, deprivation and never ever being happy with eating again, for as long as you (both) and your diet shall live.

But diet means something new now. It doesn’t mean using all your willpower day after day to resist the call of the pantry, thinking that you are strong to do so. It now simply means eating differently.


That type of scarcity thinking is the old way, that posited that calorie counting, and making sure we take in less than we expend is THE WAY. And that there is no other because you can’t argue with math.

It’s true that you can’t argue with math, but what’s if math was not the tool you were supposed to use to evaluate whether a diet can be effective?

What’s if instead of math, it was your body’s hormonal environment that determined whether or not you lost weight?

We can only wonder … 🙂

Kidding aside, that is how we were wrong all these years. We were looking in the wrong places.

Of course it’s hormones. More specifically insulin and controlling it through your carb intake or lack of.


So how can you enjoy a large pizza like the women above in one sitting and feel that sense of satiety that comes with a craving satisfied?

Here are a few ways you can make it happen:

1- Adopt a low carb diet and have a cheat day once a week. Most people who do so find that the large cheat meal doesn’t stop them from continuing to see losses on the scale each month.

2- Intermittent Fasting: I’ve said that intermittent fasting is basically just skipping breakfast to simplify it but many people skip lunch too and then have a very LARGE MEAL in the evening where they can dig in and enjoy. Three meals in one is a lot of fun, and once you get used to that schedule it’s not that bad really.

3- The 5:2 Diet with a cheat day. The 5:2 diet has people eating normally (including dessert) 5 days of the week and then fasting for the other 2. It has been shown to be effective and people do have cheat meals once in awhile.


I’d say it’s actually a prerequisite to being successful on a diet. We feel the best when we look forward to something and so it’s not that hard for people to put off two meals knowing that they will be enjoying a feast at the end of the day.

It’s much better than being on a calorie restricted diet, looking into the future and feeling like you are about to do some serious hard time.

Find out what works best for you within these parameters of dieting and then find a way to make them as enjoyable as possible.

You won’t look back.

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