Weight Loss Basics and Tips

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Weight Loss Basics

Stay focused on these fundamentals, and in time the novelties of the diet world will cease to be a distraction for you.

A rarely talked about difficulty that people have when trying to stick to a diet is the steady stream of new diets, diet products and diet information. They all sound so intriguing and exciting and we want to make sure we capitalize on them, meaning we want to take advantage of their benefits (meaning we want to lose weight FAST!)

Completely understandable as new information can be valuable, but at the same time it does cause a bit of uncertainty and therefore stress. We’re not sure what to make of it, whether we should completely switch our diets or incorporate the novelty into our existing diet. And if so how?

It can also be frustrating. Every single one of those 1 million diet articles portrays absolute confidence in their method leaving you to sort out the mess.

Luckily, by reading this blog, not only do you get the answer (AND the amazing jokes that come with it), but the next few paragraphs below will give you the tools to evaluate any diet or diet info, “teach a man to fish …” well you know.


Any diet or way of eating you undertake has to be healthy for you. This may sound obvious but people do try out diets like the Twinkie Diet where one man lost weight eating a few of those and a protein/vitamin shake everyday.

In the short term his health improved because he lost weight but over time that’s not going to be an ideal diet to stick with – syrup, sugar and processed junk.

Then there are those who eat the more extreme Keto foods in large quantities like bacon, high fat sausage and cheese. I want to point out that there is nothing wrong with eating those foods, and that they are certainly better than eating carbs all day long, but they’re also not an ideal choice.

For starters they offer meager nutritional benefits as they are mostly fat and salt. Eating fat is good, but eating so much fat day in and day out puts a strain on the body as fat is more demanding to digest.

You want a diet that your body will be happy with over the long haul. Speaking of …


Any diet or way of eating you undertake has to be something you can stick to long term. There’s no point in trying out a temporary but super fast diet so you can look good over the summer.

If it’s not something you can see yourself doing forever then it’s not a diet that you’ll be successful with. Sooner or later you’ll tire of it for some reason and revert back to the old way of eating.

Waste of time, waste of effort.


Any diet or way of eating you undertake has to be enjoyable. This point definitely ties into the last one as if you’re not having fun, you won’t stick to it.

People look forward to meal times. Most people eat 3x per day or 1000 times each year and if the food sucks then there will be very little incentive to keep the diet going. Doing anything 1000 times in a year is A LOT and so you want to make sure that that large chunk of your life is at least pleasant.


We talk about insulin a lot in this blog so I won’t go into it much here but keeping it low is important while adhering to the 3 pillars above.

And there you have it. Three fundamentals that should be used to evaluate any diet or eating plan that you are thinking about trying out.

Make sure it is healthy, make sure it can last and make sure it tastes great.

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