I Lost 20 lbs in 2 Months

Weight Loss success story about a woman losing weight

I Lost 20 Pounds

I was an emotional eater and I think I have been most of my life. But, I did get my weight down to almost normal again. Still have 10 more lbs to go.

I threw everything but the kitchen sink at those last 2 months.

I prioritized going to the gym (or running stairs when they were closed,) cooking all my meals with lots of veggies primarily, and getting to bed at a reasonable time each night. I did have hard days where I broke down and ordered a pizza and ate a pint of ice cream, but the majority of my days were not that.

Besides not feeling uncomfortable without my clothes on and getting significantly more attention from the opposite sex, I can honestly say the biggest improvement to my life has been to my mental health. I’m more positive, have more energy, and feel significantly better everyday. It’s hard to put into words, but it’s like taking a drug that improves every aspect of your life.

I wish everyone on this blog the same success and I have no plans to stop this new awesome lifestyle and continue to lose weight.


My friend has been trying for awhile now. It’s taken her over 5 months to lose only 15 pounds 🙁

I think it’s because she’s more lenient with her diet, but honestly maybe that’s better for her because before when I tried calorie counting I would stick to it for a couple weeks and then binge and give up.

But 5 months is the longest she’s ever gone and the weight loss has been slow but steady (ish)! She just wishes it was a little bit faster lol 😅 but I am worried I’ll slide back because I lost so much so quickly.

Mental Health

I’m 20 lbs down and like I said the mental health benefits are truly astounding. Granted there was a lot going on, a lot of political turmoil happening around me over the past year but I went from having panic attacks and/or crying every day for months on end to feeling genuinely happy most of the time. So I’m happy about my progress – both physical and metal.


Sleep is an important factor. I’ve actually suffered from insomnia and still do but less. I would miss working out for 3 straight days and consume more carbs than I need, I’d start to feel sluggish and disappointed in myself. I tell myself I’ll try to workout that day, hoping I can workout that day, that I need to workout that day and it would happen every week or so.

But now, so much less.

For me the best way to get better sleep is to work out and the best way to be motivated to work out is to be rested, so the two habits reinforce each other both positively and negatively.

I got this!

– Neela

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