No Guilt with when I’m Eating Thanks

As seen on social media, a post about feeling guilt when emotional eating.

Should we?

I don't want any guilt when I eat thank you!

Guilt & Emotional Eating

That post was talking about feeling guilt and shame when eating. Should you feel guilt?

I mean when we use food in this way, we are doing something we’re not supposed to do because …

1- We’re not really hungry so we feel like others will think we’re a pig.

2- It’s bad for our health.

3- We know all this and yet we’re doing it anyway.

That’s why some people look down upon us with disgust.

If we know we’re doing something we shouldn’t, shouldn’t we feel bad?

If we should, then so should every other Person on the Planet

They do it too. Not with food but with alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, shopping, gossiping, sex, TV, social media, procrastination etc…

Food is our coping mechanism. Other people have their own version of that. Some of us have “all of the above” and for some reason get invited to all the parties 🙂

We shouldn’t feel shame thinking we are weak and defective because we can’t control our appetite.

What we can’t control is our anxiety, nobody can. So we do things to cope – like eating – until we can (after much work on ourselves).

Until then, we can do the next best thing which is to manage the eating issue by continuing to enjoy food in a certain way, while losing a few pounds in the process.

See the main page of this site, the guide …

Emotional Eating Information

The Guide

… for more tips on how to properly manage emotional eating.

Don’t feel guilt or shame. It’s not you. Instead use those opportunities to connect to what you are using food to distract yourself from – the pain.

Do this a little each day and notice how you will have started your own therapy process without paying an arm and a leg.

Then build on that.

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