Who Controls your Emotional Eating?

As seen on social media, a post about being in control of emotional eating.

Are we?

Cropped image of a social media post about control and overeating.

Are you in Control of Emotional Eating?

Not sure if that above post was:

1- Being serious, “Show that food who’s boss, cmon now!”

2- Some temptation Fun, “Let’s see if you can resist these!” … or

3- Sarcastic, “Just give up already. Emotional eating has you by the …”

It doesn’t matter what they meant, but what’s the answer?

Your Emotions have Control but there are things you can Do

Your anxiety has control and it’s waaaaaay more powerful than your will. We eat to try to get a break from the relentless tension our anxiety exerts upon us.

So you’ll never win. It takes many years to feel like your anxiety isn’t an issue in your emotional eating. Until then, you can do the next best thing which is to manage it, and even lose weight while NOT STOPPING the eating.

See the main page of this site, the guide …

… for more tips on how to properly manage emotional eating.

The sooner you accept that a higher power, your emotions, are in charge, the sooner you stop trying to ‘beat the beast’ and also stop beating yourself up over it.

It’s not easy, but it is fixable long term.

Enjoy the ride.

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