Stress and Comfort Eating a Whole Cake!

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Comfort Eating & Stress

This happens to all of us. We talk all day long about how we have to eat better, clean up our diet, make a plan, do some research etc, and then one little trigger comes along and we cave FAST.

Then we blame it on our emotional eating issue, and instead of address that, we go back to the drawing board to see if we can, once again, try to will ourselves into a new eating plan with nothing but determination.

It won’t work. If it would then we’d just download the latest app telling us what to do and we’d follow along. Why don’t we try addressing the root? Maybe we don’t know how. Emotions are acceptable to talk about now and have been since Oprah started her talk show many years ago, but that doesn’t mean we know what we’re doing.

The next time you feel like this dog in the picture, stressed and ready to wolf down a whole cake – not an altogether horrible idea –  why not pause for a minute just to feel what’s going on. Actually sense what’s going on physically and emotionally.

Just take note, that’s all. Then you can eat it with a bit more calm and enjoyment. When it happens again do the same thing and try to get more and more insight each time.

Taking the time to see what’s going on inside is a vital step to improving any psychological issue.

Awareness at THAT level is what’s needed to start digging into your unconscious, the source of your emotional eating, Netflix binging, Youtube distracting, and every other habit you want to change.

But we want to lose weight now.

Of course, and we will.

We do this by still eating to soothe but do it in a way that manages the emotional eating so it does less harm, then we work on the emotions while still overeating and enjoying ourselves.

Sounds good?

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