Weight Loss Hypnosis

Can you Change your Diet being Hypnotozed

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Can we Lose Weight using Hypnosis?

Diet Question


Would it be possible for us to go and see a certain type of specialist? One who’s likely located in Sedona AZ, has purple hair or a scruffy beard (hopefully not both) with a degree from an institute that they assure you is one step away from Harvard, to lose weight?

Sounds appealing – [the concept not the purple hair lady visit.]

Diet Analysis


While there is much debate around the effectiveness of hypnosis in general, it hasn’t really been accepted as a weight loss solution. What you’re doing with hypnosis is trying to change your unconscious so that whatever suggestions the therapist gives you become what you want to believe.

For example they may tell you that you no longer crave cheeseburgers and fries. Or that you would rather eat kale while watching a Saturday night movie while the rest of your family/friends enjoy popcorn, M&Ms and all the fixings.

I can’t say it won’t work but in my opinion anyone that has the ability to make another human being actually prefer kale leaves to chocolate deserves the Nobel prize. Which one?

All of them!

Diet Conclusion


It would be nice if hypnosis could change our habits. We pay someone $100 so they can pendulate (a real word) a crystal in front of our eyes and change who we are.

In essence the hypnosis would do all of our work for us, which would be cool. I’d certainly be there everyday. I’d walk in with $1000 and walk out 10 hours later feeling like a superhero. Within 6 months I’d be a savvy tech investor, a babe magnet, sculpted, a few inches taller and teaching Latin to underprivileged, school children.

If we want to change who we are we have to change our psychology which takes some work and some time, kind of like getting used to our in-laws.

We can however lose weight in the meantime without too much effort.

The mechanism behind how we lose weight can be found here.

Now, as soon as you hear my fingers snap you’re going to send your credit card info to …

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