Time Restricted Feeding makes you Feel Light

Feeling even energy and light with TRF Fasting

Time Restricted Feeding

Time Restricted Feeding (TRF) is basically what everyone calls Intermittent Fasting (IF).

Basically it’s skipping breakfast and oftentimes lunch and then eating a very large meal in the evening.


For several reasons. First, because it’s a great way to lose weight. Eating for only an hour a day and then not eating for the remaining 23 means that for the majority of the day your insulin levels will be low. And as you’ve read countless times on this blog that’s the mechanism behind losing weight.

Another reason to eat only one meal is TIME. If you don’t need to eat then you can get a lot of what you want done in the day, and simply eat all your needed calories at the very end. People find they can relax and enjoy their food more because everything they needed to do is already done. Being in that state allows for better digestion, enjoyment and allows you to be present with your loved ones more fully, strengthening your social bonds.

Then there’s the mid-morning and mid-afternoon energy dips. This happens more often after lunch, where people feel like taking a nap after their bread-heavy sandwich or $4.99 pizza trio special. If you skipped them both, you’d steer clear of those traps. Heck, you’d even steer clear of the Netflix binging hangover if you skipped those meals.

I should mention that those energy dips happen more often with carbs and happen to a much lesser extent when people eat fruit, salads, meats and anything Paleo/Keto like.


When people get started with time restricted feeding, they notice an unexpected yet agreeable side effect and that is feeling light.

We feel light because we don’t physically have anything in our gut all day long and so we are lighter to some extent. Having things in our stomach slows us down and makes us feel, well, heavier and slower.

We also feel light because digestion takes a lot of energy, a lot more than we think and so if we don’t eat then there’s a lot more energy available to plow through the day. Unlike the rush you’d get from caffeine, the energy we’re talking about is a steady type of energy, even and grounding.

It feels good.

After awhile you’ll become addicted to that feeling. You’ll feel like you can go on working, having fun, walking and socializing forever. You sleep better and feel less achy in the morning. You’re mentally sharp and can focus for much longer periods of time.

It’s this addiction to this feeling that keeps people doing it day after day. Otherwise, it would just be a never ending grind that would make most quit and the ones that don’t miserable.

Please take note that it does take time to get used to this state and that it’s best to use a gradual progression to get there. Something I’ll write about in an upcoming post.

Feelings over thoughts. It has to feel good in some way or we generally don’t or won’t change.

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