Lose Weight by Cutting out Junk Food

Old Souvenirs reminding me of my Grandma who told me to lose weight

Lose Weight Cutting Junk Food

Hey! Nice blog! I’m 20F, 5’6″ and I’ve maintained my weight at 142~143 lbs for a long time after dropping from 160 lbs in high school. While I would have liked to lose a few pounds since, my brief attempts failed, honestly because of a lack of motivation. As an adult I’ve more or less eaten what I wanted to while not paying too much attention to the scale. I didn’t consider myself to be an emotional eater but I guess I am.

I ate a lot of junk food though – I estimate that in the past month, around half of my calories came from junk food! I tend to cook healthy meals but I think my meals were too small, causing me to compensate with chips and pastries. I have a big appetite and eat a lot, but I’m very active.


It’s only recently that I recognized that I had a problem and that my junk food consumption couldn’t be good for me. So, for the past week, I made the conscious decision to eat less junk food. I have a sweet tooth so I stocked up on sweet potatoes and fruits to satisfy it.

I ate bigger healthy meals. I probably ate half the amount of junk I had been eating, while otherwise eating whatever I wanted to. I’m hoping to slowly get to a point where I eat junk food almost exclusively for social occasions (with the occasional treat)! Cutting it out entirely would probably be unsustainable for me.


My grandmother always told me to cut out the junk and I never listened. These old antiques you see in the picture used to be hers and I keep them as a reminder of how good she was to me. But yes, she used to try to get me to eat less junk.

So I decided to weigh myself this morning and I weighed in at 139 pounds (compared to ~142 the week before). I realize that most of the 3 lbs I lost was probably water weight, but this was surprising to see!

I think this is the lowest weight I’ve been since I was 12. I find calorie counting, IF, low carb, and other methods of weight loss to be unpleasantly restrictive, so I’m excited that I can lose weight through simply eating less junk food!

– Trish

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