How I Controlled my Anxiety Eating

How to Stop Eating out of Anxiety

Control Anxiety Eating

I had and still have a big anxiety eating problem.

Creating Calm

What seemed to work for me is to create a lot more calm in my life. Take the garden you see in the picture I took. That’s just a small part of it but I really like it and I never spend any time there.

So I made it a point to spend an hour out there everyday. I’d still be able to do some work on my laptop or talk to friends on the phone and all that jazz except I was doing it out there instead of in the house where I usually stayed.

My anxiety gets bad at times and when it does I usually stay in one place like I am paralyzed and I realized one day that if I move more then I feel much better and if I spend time outside it’s even better still.

When it’s cold I’m going to create a nice room in my house that I feel relaxed in and spend a majority of my time there instead. When I do I’m not in such a hurry or feel that need to go and eat something.

It’s not a perfect solution and there’s a lot more to controlling your eating than just this but it seems to have worked for me as I’ve now stopped gaining weight and even lost 2 lbs this month.

Might not be much for many people but for me it gives me peace of mind that I can at least stop what’s happening to me, stop the weight gain and feel a bit of control for myself.

I hope this is one bit of advice that is helpful as some of the posts from others here have been helpful to me.

– Emilie In Wonderland

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