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How I Lost 100 lbs - Weight Loss & Emotional Eating

And I'm still an emotional eater. I always was.

I managed to stay at a normal-ish weight throughout most of my adult life even as an emotional eater because I was always very active.

Then I started hitting my late 30s, emotional issues that were not attended to properly started to demand my attention and energy, kids came along, and my emotional eating went into high gear. I gained 100 lbs in a few short years and never really noticed how bad it was. Until I did.

I wanted to lose it all of course, but also didn't want to give up the drug that was food. I became habituated to eating 3 large-ish, high carb meals per day + dessert. How do you change that without going into withdrawl?

As we all know emotional eaters need to get to the root of the issue to solve it. But that takes years and I wanted to lose weight now.

So I did lose weight. I lost all 100 within another few short years again. The first 50 lbs were within the first 6 months.

As you'll read in the guide (on the main page), I did it by managing the weight loss aspect of the issue while chipping away at the underlying emotional part - mostly though it was through managing my diet.

Managing Emotional Eating is 90% Emotion Regulation

I did it in a way where I didn't grind, suffer or feel deprived, which was key to maintaining the changes I initiated.

And now I'm 100 lbs lighter. Back to my normal weight and happy to be here, but I'm still an emotional eater, just not as much of one as I used to be. That "pull" is still there though, it's not gone but it's manageable.

To work at the root cause I put myself through a therapeutic process that has taken 4 years so far (best investment ever), and still have the same issues, just less than before.

The guide I wrote on the main page of this website outlines the plan I used to get this far both in losing weight and in managing emotions that cause emotional eating.

I hope it can be helpful.

It's very hard to just stop an addictive behavior like emotional eating. You can replace it, but rarely can you stop it cold turkey.

Luckily we can manage it and lose weight anyway, which is the most important part, right? ... guys ...?

Well, the emotional stuff is obviously, but we all want to lose weight too, so this site will do both, starting with the weight loss because it's easier (which says a lot about how hard emotional change is).

So that's my story. Please enjoy the site and feel free to reach out for any reason; comments, questions, contributions and critiscism.

- E.L.

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